Our Policies

  1. We book no more than 6 rods per day unless all rods are from the same party.

  2. Fly fishing only; no spin casting.

  3. Catch-and-release only.

  4. The fish rest at least one day per week

  5. All cash payments must be enclosed in an envelope with the name of the party on the envelope.                (If we do not know you have paid, we will send you a bill.)

  6. We require 2 days notice for cancellation or rescheduling.

  7. Your booking is an all-day booking; you can even go into town for lunch and come back!

  8. Please no smoking.

  9. Please remove and carry out all trash.

  10. In rare instances of unfishable conditions due to severe wind, we will reschedule another day for you but we cannot issue a refund.